What is 960H?


1- Higher resolution = More details

According to the normal D1 image, 960H sensors have 34% more image area. More details can be viewed here.

2- Suitable for wide screen. Allows objects to be displayed correctly.

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a 4: 3 format monitor. Most of the monitors produced are manufactured in accordance with widescreen technology. The 960H produces an image suitable for widescreen monitors and, as a result, the images can be viewed naturally without stretching (enlarging the image horizontally).

When you give a 4: 3 format video on a widescreen TV, people appear to be more fat, buses longer, rounded objects elliptical, square objects appear square. This causes occasional errors in the diagnostics via the camera image. The 960H will naturally display in accordance with the widescreen display structure and the above problems will not occur.

3- No need for any new accessory or different cabling.

The 960H uses the same underlying system used in previous analog cameras. There is no need for any cabling or socket replacement. 960H cameras can be added to existing camera systems. On the D1 side, CIF recorders can be replaced with a 960H recorder.

What products should I use to enjoy the benefits of the 960H system?

First you need a recorder capable of 960H recording and you need a camcorder with a resolution of 960H or 960H. You can use the same subwoofer as the cable or socket used in regular analog cameras.

Can I add an AnchorHali 960H camera to my system?

You can add 960H camcorders to your system to create CIF D1 camcorders. But in this case images from 960H cameras are recorded at D1 CIF resolution.

Can I replace the DVR of my existing camera system with the 960H DVR?

You can change your DVR to 960H DVR with CIF-to-D1 recording. But if your cameras are not 960H or high resolution, the images will still be recorded in D1 format in CIF format.

Can I use both the 960H and the regular camera in the same system?

Yeah. If your recording device supports 960H in this case, your normal camcorders will be recorded in CIF Yada D1, 960H camcorders in 960H format.


The 960H is a new and important opportunity for the security sector. The most effective solution is to replace the camera system with higher resolution cameras and present it to customers who can not opt ​​for the IP camera system due to various structural and economic reasons. HD-SDI systems do not require the use of extra costing accessories such as repeaters to change the wiring due to distance induced causes. The installation is identical to the analogue systems you have already used.