Environmental Monitoring & Controling Solutions

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Environmental Monitoring & Controling Solutions

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Vutlan provides you with the ability to monitor effectively the conditions that you need to protect our assets, such as environmental monitoring products, data centers, GSM stations, warehouses, schools, hospitals, offices, restaurants, farms, factories, zoos, The maintenance of a fixed environment in which the equipment or products are located has a critical prescription for their continuous operation, protection and use. Conditions monitored include extreme temperatures, humidity, power surges and fluctuations, water leaks, smoke, airflow, and environmental hazards. With Vutlan environment monitoring and control systems, we can manage all of our monitored conditions. Vutlan media monitoring equipment allows network operators to view conditions from a secure Web interface and receive SNMP, email, text message or siren alert notifications when the environmental sensors detect a problem. These products may also alert you to damage caused by human error, unauthorized access, or damage to your critical equipment. The web interface can display live video surveillance and environmental measurements recorded to monitor trends.

Data Collection and Graphing

ortam izleme veri toplama ve grafiklemeEnvironment monitoring Data collection and graphing The measurements are periodically stored in internal memory or external storage media and displayed graphically. Each chart shows the last 100: seconds, minutes, hours, days of the day. The web interface provides an easy way to access these records for each sensor.

Multiple Graphics 

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Media monitoring Multivariate monitoring and control systems, Web interface, multiple graphs, and detailed graphics and data sheets for one or more sensors. This is very useful when you need to see sensor data from two or more sensors in the same graph for a certain period of time.

Notifications and Alerts based on Threshold environmental monitoring warnings

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The alert thresholds (warning, warning, normal, or not connected) will be displayed when the measured value exceeds the preset threshold: Send Email, SMS, Syslog, Event log, SNMP Trap, SNMP Fetch, audible and warning light or warning light. or it can be created in more than one condition.

What can we control with environmental monitoring and control systems?

  •     Optimal Temperature Protection

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environment monitoring temperature control We use temperature sensor data to optimize the cooling system, control the temperature points inside the server cabinet or at any point without any importance, and to save energy.

Sensors we use to control temperature data


       VT500 / Temprature Sensor

VT501 / Outdoor Temprature Sensor

VT430 / Raf kontrol ünitesi

VT470 / PIR, titreşim ve sıcaklık sensörü

VT460 / Duman, nem ve sıcaklık sensörü

VT490 / Nem ve sıcaklık sensörü

  • Check Your Moisture

ortam denetleme nem kontrolHumidity in server rooms should be kept between 40% and 55% rH. High humidity can cause condensation of water, which causes hardware corrosion. Low humidity levels can cause problems with electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can damage sensitive components.

VT510 / Nem sensörü

VT430 / Raf kontrol ünitesi

VT460 / Duman, nem ve sıcaklık sensörü

VT490 / Nem ve sıcaklık sensörü

  • Detect Water Leaks

ortam izleme su sızıntılarını kontrolWe can detect if air conditioner water leak, water cooled server rack, condensation from air conditioning units, water pipes, groundwater or weather conditions are damaged by using water leak sensors. Water sensors should be placed at the lowest point on the ground and under any pipeline.


VT591 / Su kaçağı kablo sensörü

VT591 / Su kaçağı kablo sensörü

  • Monitoring Airflow

ortam izleme hava akisi izlemeMake sure that air flows through the racks: the air from the cold corridor reaches the equipment inlets and the air in the equipment is ventilated towards the very hot air return corridor.

 LCF013 / Hava akış sensörü


  •       Providing Secure Access

ortam izleme guvenli giris kontrolWe use contact closure sensors, dry contacts or PIR sensors to detect the opening and closing of a cover of the rack. When the cabin door is opened, we can trigger an event like taking a webcam shot.

VT530 / Erişim sensörü

VT430 / Raf kontrol ünitesi

VT107 / Proximity okuyucu

  •      Water Levels Control

ortam izleme su seviyesi kontrolAir conditioning condensate trays, water tanks and heat pump condensate drip trays should be equipped with water level sensors to detect the overflow level and notify technical personnel.


VT590 / Kaçak sensörü


  •      Voltage / Current Meter Control

ortam denetleme gerilim akim kontrol

Monitor AC / DC current and voltage with various Vutlan AC / DC meters (eg power supplies, batteries and accumulators).

VT520 / AC voltaj monitörü

HAT-100Q1 / AC akım dönüştürücü

HOS-100Q1 / DC akım dönüştürücü

VT410 / DC voltaj monitörü

  •      Smoke / Fire Control

ortam denetleme duman kontrol

Smoke detectors can be used to detect the first signs of component fires in data cabinets. The best approach here is to connect smoke alarms directly to the Vutlan environmental monitoring system, which extends the functionality of the peripheral sensors to smoke alarms.

VT560 / Duman Dedektörü

VT460 / Duman, nem ve sıcaklık sensörü

  •      Camera / Video Control

ortam izleme kamera kontrolReal-time video surveillance of sensitive areas in the data center or in a remote facility can be viewed using the Vutlan built-in Web interface, so administrators can monitor the media wherever they are.

Uzaktan İzleme üniteleri

Güç Dağıtım üniteleri


  •      Audible and Light Alarms

ortam izleme alarm kontrolStrobe lights and alarm lamps can be connected to the 12V output of Vutlan monitoring units to inform staff in the event of a problem.

VT103 / Alarm İşaretçisi

VT105 / Strobe ışığı


  •      Dry Contact Inputs

ortam denetleme kuru kontak kontrolThe dry contact input is a potential-free contact that detects whether an input switch is open or closed. It can be easily adapted to third party sensors and devices. In WebGUI, you define what the open or closed state means. We use dry contacts to monitor alarms in power systems such as cabinets (open or closed), fire alarms, burglar alarms, and UPSs.

 VT16 / Kuru İletişim Kurulu

 VT32 / Kuru İletişim Kurulu

VT440 / Kuru kontak ünitesi

VT430 / Raf kontrol ünitesi

  •      Power Relays Control

ortam izleme güç röleleri kontrolUnits equipped with power relay outputs can be used to trigger external devices automatically via programmed alarm thresholds or manually via the Web interface. Relays maximum power output is 10A 240V. Applications include: They use external equipment to control a larger relay to operate the server, air conditioner, switches and commutators.

VT604 / Swtched IP PDU


  •     12V Voltage Output Control

ortam izleme 12 v kontrolUnits equipped with electronic relay outputs can be used to trigger external low-voltage devices automatically via programmed alarm thresholds or manually via the Web interface. Audible alarm, sign, solenoid etc. Applications include: sending a signal to the building-security system, controlling a larger relay to operate external equipment, triggering an A / C unit with dry contact inputs.

Uzaktan İzleme üniteleri

Güç Dağıtım üniteleri


  •      Manage Power

ortam izleme pdu kontrolVutlan switch sockets eliminate remote site visits, saving you time and money. Many hardware problems can be solved with a simple restart. You can remotely monitor the power status of connected devices and turn the power "on" and "off" via a browser-based web interface.

VT604 / Swtched IP PDU


  •      PING Control

ortam denetleme ping kontrolA PING (Packet Internet Groper) virtual sensor verifies the connection to one or more remote hosts by enabling a packet to be sent to a specific IP address and then waiting for a response. A PING tool is useful for checking whether a remote computer is successfully connected to the network, whether a specific IP address is available, and how fast a connection is. A PING utility can also be used to diagnose IP network or router failures.

Uzaktan İzleme üniteleri

Güç Dağıtım üniteleri

  •      Vibration and Impact Damage Control

ortam izleme darbe ve titresim kontrolu

Vibration / shock sensors are used to detect and record tampering, transporting, disassembling or installing equipment inside the shelves, and to detect and record the level of vibration or shock inside the room, especially for sensitive devices (eg hard drives). Vutlan shock sensors record the level of shock or vibration and can be used for some rotary machines.

VT540 / Titreşim sensörü

VT470 / PIR, titreşim ve sıcaklık sensörü

  •   Intrusion or Access Control

ortam izlem giris kontrolThe motion detector is a device that detects moving objects, especially people. It performs a task automatically or alerts the motion tracking system in a field. Together with the Vutlan environmental monitoring system, motion detectors are a vital component of security, automatic lighting control and energy efficiency.

VT540 / Titreşim sensörü

VT470 / PIR, titreşim ve sıcaklık sensörü

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