Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Yangın alarm sistemleri

Fire alarm and warning systems are now a necessity much more than a necessity. Fire detection and notification systems are mandatory in places that are open to the public in accordance with European Union standards, in places where flammable and inflammable substances are produced, in factories and in similar places in similar areas in the new laws and laws. Today, fire news is heard very little and it is the fire prevention measures taken for this reason. Undoubtedly, the most important of these measures are electronic fire detection notification systems. Large fires are caused by the absence of any fire precautions. Early intervention in the fire is a very important issue, disasters that will be the most effective factor to prevent life and property losses.

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Today, thanks to technological developments, electronic fire detection systems play an effective role in preventing the growth of fire by means of automation systems, in order to intervene fire first. The electronic fire detection and notification system can work not only in the automation system but also in other alarm systems and alarm information receiving centers. In case of any alarm, your automation system can activate fire extinguishing systems. The alarm notification center provides information to the fire brigade and the police to ensure that necessary precautions are taken.

Working Principles of Fire Detection and Warning System
Electronic fire detection and notification systems are categorized in two ways. These;
Conventional fire detection systems and addressed fire detection systems.
Conventional Zone Addressable Fire Detection Systems Fire
In the conventional zone-based fire detection alarm system, the system will divide the fire into specific zones and determine the fire locally. For example, the conventional zone-based fire detection system will also indicate which floor the fire is. Conventional fire detection systems operate with two cables, a farm cable. Energy and signal exchanges are made over these two wires. Detectors in a certain region are connected in parallel and a single information is transmitted. In case of any alarm, the panel will receive a warning for that area. Fire alarm alarm systems with conventional zone addressing should be preferred in small enterprises.
Spot Addressed Fire Detection Notification Systems
Addressable fire detection and warning systems should be preferred in medium and large structures. The point-based fire detection system will give the exact location of the fire.
For example, in the event of a fire, the fire will indicate 'bottom floor depot' or 'third floor floor motor'. This will make it easier for you to easily identify and take precautions on where the fire is coming from. In addressable systems, each detector transmits its own signal. So you know exactly where the fire is. In conventional zone addressed systems, it is clear that the exact location of the fire can only be reached in the fire zone.
In fire detection and warning systems, we offer products that are recognized in the world. Fire detection and warning systems should not be done to amateurs. It should be done by elongated and educated staff. With the experience we have gained since 1999 about fire detection and alarm systems, we promise you a more peaceful and safe life. The first intervention in the fire saves the lives of you and your loved ones and reduces the loss of goods to a minimum. Protect your savings and your loved ones that you have won over years with measures Take advantage of our free projecting and support services from expert cadres, call us before it's too late.

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