Fiber optic & Network Solutions

Fiber optic & Network Solutions

fiber optik ek


Structured Cabling-Fiber Optic cablingyapısal kablolama

Fiber Optic Cable route preparation and Cabling
installation workmanship.



Fiber Optic Fusion splicing and termination


fiber optik

Fusion devices to the ends of fiber optic cables terminated



OPGW Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing, Termination and Testing

fiber optik opgw

And whether additional action at the end of OPGW fiber optic cable termination
reporting full OTDR calibration certificates of devices.




Fiber Optic OTDR Test and Tagging

fiber optik

OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) work, which was commissioned
fiber-optic cable decibel (dB) loss detection.



Data Termination, Labeling and Testingcat kablo etiketleme ve sonlandırma

CatX side of the patch panel termination of the user and the data cables,
According to the cables and labeling provisions for client-side processing
ends at the end of the customer reporting the measured frequency values​​.


Cabinet Installation and Configuration of Active and Passive Devices

In the cabinet, and the active, passive regulation of products.

kabinet duzenleme

Counseling and Periodic Maintenance Services

Periodical technical maintenance of your existing network infrastructure, may be born
preliminary detection of problems. Appropriate solutions are suggested.




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