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CCTV camera security systems have now become a part of our everyday lives.
In addition to the deterrence of CCTV cameras against theft, extortion, threats and many other things we hear every day, CCTV camera records are accepted as court evidence. CCTV security cameras are a necessity today not only for large-scale companies, but also for small-scale businesses and even homes.
With the progress of the technology, old analog CCTV cameras are now releasing their places to CCTV camera systems with digital high image quality. Whether you are an analogue CCTV camera system or a digital ip CCTV camera system, you can watch all your CCTV systems from the internet, from your computer or mobile phone.

As a result, CCTV camera systems not only control security, but also control the personnel of companies or businesses, enabling monitoring of every stage of the production to ensure that faults that may occur at the service point can be controlled. CCTV security camera systems in chain operations are also concentrated in a single point to facilitate centralized management. In the situations where CCTV camera system is used.

cameras system, cctv , honeywell

Emtekno Electronic IP Camera Systems  Solution

Emtekno Elektronik provides the sale of product groups in demand in our country and in the world in fire detection systems, with its experience of 20 years of weak current systems and its expert team, provides 7/24 support and offers you a reasonable price and wide stock. If you need, you can contact [email protected] and
Central Kocaeli office Tel: +90 262 373 64 44, +90 262 323 36 67
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