OPGW Fiber Optic termination

OPGW Fiber Optik Ek, Sonlandırma ve Testleri

opgw fiber optik ek

OPGW (OPTICAL GROUND WIRE) Fiber Optic Termination

OPGW Fiber Optik Ek, Sonlandırma ve Testleri

OPGW is a fiber optic cable type used in high voltage lines. Wind, ice load, high resistance to tensile forces.
The OPGW cable has two functions. At first, they behave like normal soil texture and protect the line, lightning effects, phase faults. In the other, it meets the communication requirements.

Emtekno Elektronik OPGW completes fiber optic termination work with experienced personnel in TEIAS standards and completes the calibration certifications at the end of operation within standard losses with full OTDR test devices and ensures that fiber optic lines operate without any problems.



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